I love art and I love painting.  It's been a therapeutic hobby (and secret passion) of mine for all of my life.  Living in the Caribbean, there's no shortage of inspiration for artists.  We are surrounded by the natural beauty and colour of the islands; of the flora and fauna; of the sea, of the diverse, passionate and creative Caribbean people!

I never paint to record life exactly as it is.  Why would I want to do what a camera already does perfectly?   I paint snapshots of my imagination; I enjoy blending the real and the  imagined to create my own little world.  As children of the Creator, our DNA demands that we be creative!

Please feel free to browse my portfolio and have a look at my work.  I hope you enjoy my paintings and that they give you as much joy as they give me.  I'm working on others and will upload more photos as soon as I can.  Don't forget to bookmark this site so that you can easily visit again.

Thanks for stopping by!

Jill Mcintyre


Jill McIntyre