About the Artist

Drawing and painting since early childhood, Jill McIntyre is a self-taught Barbadian artist whose acrylic paintings are colourful and vibrant with a naïve flavour that reflects the simple, free-spirited pleasures of life in the tropics. She paints intuitively, directly to the canvas without the benefit of preliminary drawings or sketches, and revels in a lively, unrestricted use of colour.

“There’s nothing muted or sedate about my paintings.  They don’t whisper quietly in a corner; they laugh and sing and clap their hands.  My paintings are windows to my soul; I paint to celebrate life.  I want my work to express my joy in being alive, to share my love of the Caribbean mystique.  I want people to feel happy and uplifted when they see my work.” 

Winner of multiple Barbados NIFCA Visual Arts Awards, Jill was born and raised in Barbados, and has spent 20 years living in and travelling other Caribbean islands.  Her subject matter roams from the craters of Caribbean volcanoes to rainforests, to waterfalls and rivers, to sandy beaches, to the depths of the Caribbean Sea.  She often combines different features from more than one Caribbean territory to create the extraordinary tropical scenery in her work.  Jill likes to combine tropical scenery with mythological creatures - mermaids/la sirene, dragons, a phoenix or two; and she is intrigued by the use of symbolism in art.

A Queen's College alumna, Jill holds a BSc. in Management Studies (First Class Honours) from the University of the West Indies, and a MSc. in Marketing Management (Merit) from the University of Surrey, UK.

Jill McIntyre

Jill's artwork has also been featured on the following websites:

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Jill McIntyre